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The secret high-tech facial treatment targets the ultimate sources of aging for dramatically younger looking skin today- and in the future. Ultrasonic technology helps restore the facial firmness and contours that define a youthful appearance. This facial contouring serum features patented Ethocyn to diminish age-induced signals that can decrease elastin production.

approximately 80 minutes


Needle Free Mesotherapy

The Needle Free Mesotherapy (electric impulse opening of cellular pores) is a creation of pores in the bilayer lipid membrane under the influence of the electric field for penetration of macromolecules into cells. Electroporation is a full-featured alternative to injection mesotherapy. Effects of electroporation influence depend exclusively upon the injected substance; the procedure is not applied without substance.
Needle-Free Mesotherapy is a newly developed innovative technique, which combines electroporation and electrophoresis; in this way, the active substances penetrate the skin and are absorbed deeply, achieving amazing results. It replaces the conventional meso-therapy, but without using needles. It is excellent to treat cellulite in all its stages, localized adiposity, flabbiness, stretch marks and wrinkles.




A topical solution of active ingredients is applied to the target area. Penetration of these tiny “medicinal bullets” are encouraged directly into the middle layer of skin with the use of Electroporation and Electro-osmosis. This high-frequency technique ‘penetrates’ the skin at the exact depth that is needed for optimum results.


Depending on the specifically-tailored concoction, mesotherapy helps fight free radicals, encourages cellular activity, circulation, lymphatic drainage, fat cell disbursement, collagen, and elastin production. Vitamin C / Hyaluronic acid is usually added to the mix to improve skin tone.


Mesotherapy is often used in conjunction with other treatments like Botox, Cutera laser rejuvenation or resurfacing, glycolic facial peels for optimal results. Treatment may be carried out immediately after an initial consultation to determine the number treatment sessions required.

Needle Free Mesotherapy




Radio Frequency Zemits INTRO Treatment

Zemits INTRO is an advanced equipment for skin tightening treatments. Zemits INTRO combines the most powerful lifting technologies: Bi- Polar Radio Frequency…

1. Lifting and tightening treatments for face, neck and decollete

2. Rejuvenation treatments

3. Treatments for reducing wrinkles around eyes and lips

4. Treatments for improving skin elasticity and skin color

5. Treatments for oily skin with loose pores.


Radio Frequency Treatment



Hydra-Beauty Facial


Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.


Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin.


Saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.

Hydra-Beauty Facial





*Please note that not all of these skin treatments can be used on everyone. At your appointment time our aesthetician will discuss with you which treatment would be most appropriate.